Life with Christ: Self-Serving or Selfless Service

A sense of humility and a desire to serve others were a central focus of the life to which Jesus called his disciples. This short series investigates what this should mean to us as we live in a world that places great value on things such as personal rights, self-esteem, and material wealth.

11/22/15 – A Life-Defining Moment (Bryce Babcock – Acts 9:1-25) (audio)
11/29/15 – Greatness Like a Child (Douglas Duncan – Mark 9:30-37) (audio)
12/6/15 – Broken in His Presence (Douglas Duncan – Isaiah 6) (audio)
12/13/15 – Having the Right Mindset (Bryce Babcock – Philippians 2:1-18) (audio)

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