Living in Light of Easter

How does faith in the gospel actually lead to real change in life?

Date              Passage         Title?                                Preacher

5/7               Rom 8:1-11   Our New Verdict              Greg Phelan (audio)

5/14             Rom 8:12-17 Our New Cry                   Greg Phelan (audio)

5/21             Rom 8:18-30 Our New Hope                Doug Duncan (audio)

5/28             Rom 8:31ff    Our New Assurance       Doug Duncan (audio)

6/4               Rom 12:1-2   Our New Sacrifice           Chris Kapiloff (audio)

6/11             Rom 12:3-8   Our New Gifts                 Brian Gill (audio)

6/18             Rom 12:9-21 Our New Love                 Greg Phelan (audio)

6/25             Rom 13:8ff    Our New Commandment    Doug Duncan (audio)

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