Prophet Priest King

Jan 28 “The Time is Fulfilled: Long-Awaited Prophet Priest, and King”, (Gregory Phelan – Mark 1:1,4,9,12-18) (audio)

Feb 04 “Jesus Heals”, (Chris Kapiloff – Mark 2: 1-12) (audio)

Feb 11 “Eating with sinners” (Brian Gill – Mark 2:15-17) (audio)

Feb 18 “Called to Follow” (Pr.Doug Duncan – Mark 3:13-19) (audio)

Feb 25 “Sending The Twelve” (Greg Phelan – Mark 6:7-13)(audio)

March 04 “Who’s in Charge” (Bryce Babcock – Mark 10:13-31)(audio)

March 11 “Cleansing the Temple” (Brian Gill – Mark 11:15-19)(audio)

March 18 “Greatest Commandment” (Pr. Douglas Duncan – Mark 12:28-34)(audio)

March 25 “Prophet, Priest, and Lamb” (Greg Phelan – Mark 14:10-31)(audio)

April 1st “He is Alive! “Just as He said…” (Pr.Douglas Duncan)(audio)

April 15th “Division in Church” (Greg Phelan – I Corinthians 1:10-17)(audio)

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