This series first looks at the way the Scriptures describe the breakdown of all human relationships: between God and man, man and woman, and between human beings in general. It then examines the provision God has made to allow a restoration of our relationship with him, through which he accepts us as his adopted children. It goes on to consider the process by which our character is transformed by the presence of God’s Spirit within us, so that we can become instruments of reconciliation and healing in all our other relationships.

Lost and Found: January
1-8-17 Paradise Lost – A Breakdown of all Relationships (Bryce Babcock- Genesis 1-4)(audio)
1-15-17 Light in the Darkness – God’s Plan of Salvation (Bryce Babcock -John 1:1-18)(audio)
1-22-17 Confession/Forgiveness: Finding and Giving Grace (Gregory Phelan – Daniel 9:1-9)(audio)
1-29-17 Changed Hearts, Changed Lives: How the Lost Can Be Found (Gregory Phelan – Luke 15)(audio)
Personal Growth: February 
2-5-17 Humility and Submission in Reconciliation (Douglas Duncan – James 4:1-17)(audio)
2-12-17 Prayer Leading to Reconciliation (Douglas Duncan- Matthew 6:5-15)(audio)
2-19-17 Disciples With A Mission (Bryce Babcock – 2 Corinthians 5:14-6:1))(audio)
2-6-17 Reconciliation Through Stewardship (Christopher Kapiloff – Acts 6:1-7)(audio)
Restored Relationships: Mar 5/12/19/26 Apr 2
3-5-17 A New Kind of Love (Brian Gill – 1 Corinthians 13)(audio)
3-12-17 Living in Agreement as Citizens Worthy of the Gospel (Gregory Phelan – Philippians 1:27-2:11)(audio)
3-19-17 Set Free to Serve (Douglas Duncan – Galatians 5:13-24)(audio)
3-26-17 Instructing One Another (Douglas Duncan – Colossians 3:12-16)(audio)
4-2-17  Forgive One Another (Brian Gill – Psalm 51:1-9)(audio)
Hope for the World: Apr 23/30
4-23-17 Sharing the Good News (Bryce Babcock – Matt. 28:16-20)(audio)
4-30-17 Do Justice, Love Mercy (Christopher Kapiloff – Micah 6)(audio)

Reflection Questions:

Paradise Lost [1/8-1/14]

In what ways have you been a slave to these common human faults recently, and ended up being the cause of division rather than reconciliation?

A desire to be in control, to have the last say on everything, to be accountable to no one else.
A refusal to take responsibility for our own errors, a readiness to place the blame elsewhere.
A tendency to let anger, resentment and jealousy cloud our judgment and lead us into serious mistakes.

A Light in the Darkness [1/15-1/21]

How does the record of the Old Testament relate to John 1:1-7?
How is God’s grace exhibited through his dealings with the people of Israel?
What aspects of the lives of it’s main characters seem most important for why God chose to work through them?

Sermon references:
Light of the World, Full of Grace and Truth: John 1:1-18
God speaks with Cain Genesis 4
Promise to Abram: Genesis 12:1-3
Prophecy of Enslavement for 400 years: Genesis 15:13, 14
Prediction of a great ruler from Judah’s descendants: Genesis 49:10
First Passover: Exodus 12
The Great Feasts: Leviticus 23
Moses Prophecy about Prophets: Deuteronomy 18:16-18
Period of the Judges: Judges 17:6
Prediction about David’s Kingdom: 2 Samuel 7:16
The New Covenant to come: Jeremiah 31:31-34, Ezekiel 36:25-27
Time of the Anointed One’s Coming: Daniel 9:24-26 (weeks of years)
The Place of His Coming: Micah 5:2
The Circumstances of His Suffering: Isaiah 53:3-6, Psalm 22, Zechariah 12:10
Jesus the Light of the World: John 8:12, John 12:35-36

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