Sermon Entry Instructions

Note: When editing a sermon page, select the Text View mode (above right in the gray format area of the edit menu) to view the “HTML” code properly in order to edit it properly.

Sermon entry template:
Month Day “Title”, (Speaker – Scripture Passage) (audio)

First load the audio file into the WordPress Media Library:
Go to the Community Bible Dropbox in the finder/file system to get audio message file. Make sure the file name is in the form “messageYYYYMMDD.mp3”, rename if necessary, where YYYY is the four digit year, MM and DD are the two digit month and day the message was delivered.

Select Media/Add New in the WordPress Dashboard. Drag the message file from the Dropbox folder over into WordPress in the “drop files here area” or click the “Select Files” Button to access the file through the finder/file system.

Next select the appropriate Sermon Page for editing in WordPress using the Pages Dashboard item.
Copy the Sermon Entry template above (or a previous entry in the Sermon Page if one already exists) enter it in the appropriate order on the Sermon Page. Then replace the “filler” items with the Month, Day, Title (in quotes), Speaker and Scripture Passage, and replace the “YYYYMMDD” portion of the file name with the appropriate information for the desired sermon. The result should look exactly like the following, with the content corresponding to the new message – [Sample Entry:]
July 2 “Living Wisely in the Eyes of God”, (Robert Santiago – Prov. 1:7) (audio)

It’s critical that all the content between the “ “ remains unchanged except for the filename!

Once entered, click the Preview Button in the “Publish” area in the upper right portion of the WordPress screen. This will open a new window and allow you to test the entry to make sure the link is correctly set to the audio file. If it works, window with the sermon page you were editing, and click the blue Publish Button to complete the entry.

That’s it!

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