First Peter

The First Epistle of Peter was written at a time when the early church was facing increased persecution in the Roman world. This letter to the Christians (most likely Gentile) in northern Asia Minor contains encouragement and practical instruction on living the Christian life. This study focuses on what we are to “be” like as followers of Christ.

05/01/11 – Be Hopeful (Douglas Duncan – I Peter 1:1-12) (audio) (video)
05/08/11 – Be Holy (Brian Gill – I Peter 1:13-25) (audio) (video)
05/15/11 – Be Imitators of Christ: Growing Into Our Role (Bryce Babcock – I Peter 2:1-12) (audio) (video)
05/22/11 – Dual Citizenship (Chris Kapiloff – I Peter 2:13-25) (audio) (video)
05/29/11 – Wives and Husbands (Satyan Devadoss – I Peter 3:1-7 (audio) (video)
06/05/11 – Be Prepared (Douglas Duncan – I Peter 3:8-22) (audio) (video)
06/12/11 – Fit for Service (Bryce Babcock – I Peter 4:1-11) (audio) (video)
06/19/11 – Suffering (Chris Kapiloff – I Peter 4:12-19) (audio) (video)
06/26/11 – Question: Is That You, Peter? (Brian Gill – I Peter 5) (audio) (video)

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