Seven Churches of Revelation

We want to know what God says to the seven churches in Revelation, our honest desire to know what He thinks about CBC, and what He sees and says about today’s church – His assessment of the church and how we can change to be effective lights in the world both individually and corporately.
6/26/16The Church at Philadelphia, Hold Fast! (Ken Mick – Revelation 3:7-13) (audio)
6/19/16 – Jesus’ Letter to Thyatira (Christopher Kapiloff – Revelation 2:18-29) (audio)
6/12/16 – What Is It That Pleases God? (Brian Gill – Revelation 3:14-21) (audio)
6/05/16 – Pergamum: When Tolerance Is Not A Virtue (Douglas Duncan – Revelation 2:12-17) (audio)
5/15/16 – Remember, Repent, and Return to Your First Love: Ephesus (Douglas Duncan – Revelation 2:1-7) (audio)
5/22/16 – Sardis (Christopher Kapiloff – Rev. 3:1-6) (audio)
5/29/16 – Smyrna: Rough Seas Ahead, But Keep A Steady Course! (Bryce Babcock – Revelation 2:8-11) (audio)

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